How to access your emails
kubumedia hosting pretoria - how to access emails - Outlook Setup Guide

  • Access via webmail via any Computer with internet access
  • Got to or click here to login now
    • Username: email address you want to access
    • Password: Password for that email address
    • Choose any of the 3 email readers (Horde / Squire / Round Cube)
  • or Add the email address to you Outlook or Device

Basic settings to setup on Outlook or any mobile device:

Setting up on Outlook / Safari / iOS / Blackberry / Android / BlueMail for iOS or Android, Free Download

  • Select Manual Setup or Automatic if using BlueMail or Opera Mail for iOS / Android.
    Username: Email address
    Password: Email password
  • Servers:
    Incoming / IMAP (POP3): or .com
    Outgoing / SMTP: / .com
    ** Outgoing port: 587 (Go to Advanced settings, Servers)
    Authentication type : Automatic (If asked)
    Note: Replace: “yourdomain” with actual domain or website address (E.g, or .com and so on)

If above still difficult or you fail please have an IT personnel to assist if around in your departments or areaa OR we can use Teamviewer as last option. ( , download / install / send User ID and Password)

Alternative to Outlook (if too difficult to setup Outlook)
– If Outlook is difficult for you, download Opera Main (The Email Browser from Opera Mini Web Browser), better done Outlook if you need clean and fast professional software.
Tools > Mail and Accounts > Select Add Email > Follow Screen Direction from here
Mail type: IMAP.

Below is video guide on how to setup outlook

More settings >> Under Help and Settings tab above / in the menu ^